How many hours a day do you plop your kids in front of an iPad or the TV? Thought of a number? Minus 2 hours from that and YOU and your kids will reap these 5 benefits. 


1) Improved Sleep Schedule

Did you know that the blue light emitted from electronic devices has been shown to negatively impact you and your kids natural sleep hormones… So don’t put on Peppa Pig before bedtime, but instead take some time to read a book to the little ones to improve their sleep schedule and yours!


2) It keeps kids active

The alternative to screen time is outdoor play which involves running, jumping, riding a bike or dancing which are all fun ways to keep your children happier and healthier in the long run. 

3) Improved focus

Reduced screen time can help kids improve their behaviour and their ability to focus on lessons and on schoolwork, which is very important for learning. By being able to focus more on schoolwork your kids' grades will improve and they will have higher achievements.

4) Reduces stress and anxiety 

Fresh air and green spaces create a natural calming effect on the body. Outdoor play, away from screens promotes beneficial feel good hormones like oxycontin and serotonin. Get the kids outdoors so that they can reap these great benefits. 

5) Creates more social children

Early play with other children is vital in developing their early social skills. This teaches them how to make friends, navigate conflicts, share and treat others with kindness. A great way to encourage this is a trip to the park or to your local indoor playcentre.