Need a quick and easy recipe that the kids will love? None to fear, check out these 5 kid-friendly recipes that will go down a treat with the little ones and easy enough that they can make themselves!

1) Pizza with homemade sauce

Make pizza for the family with a homemade base and tomato sauce. The recipe is perfect to get kids involved in cooking. Top with mozzarella and fresh basil! This easy recipe takes only 20 mins to prepare plus another 20 to cook.

2) Chicken & veg bowl

Make this colourful chicken, brown rice and vegetable dish for the whole family. With avocado, edamame beans, sweetcorn and carrots, it's not only tasty, but healthy too!

3) Fajitas

Did someone say Mexican night?! These Mexican wraps will get the whole family in the kitchen - fill flour tortillas with marinated chicken and peppers.

4) Simple stir-fry

Are your kids getting into cooking? This simple stir-fry with prawns, veggies and noodles is great for aspiring chefs and will make a quick meal for busy weeknights.

5) 10-minute couscous salad

This makes a great lunchbox filler for a day out and is equally good at home from the fridge. With couscous, feta, cucumber, pesto, pine nuts and capsicum the kids can make this themselves and feel proud of their dish.